Hue lights unreachable fix

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Hue lights unreachable fix

Posted by Kevin How To. There are a few different reasons this could happen so I decided to write this post about it and some of the different ways to fix it. It is likely that your lights have stopped communicating with the bridge.

Make sure you make check your internet connection by looking at the center button light on the Hue bridge. You may have to restart your Philips Hue bridge or manually turn your lights off and on to fix it. In order to troubleshoot connections with your hue bridge, there are a few things we check first. If the network configuration is wrong, that can cause a lot of problems with the Philips Hue. For example, I once had my Philips Hue running off an access point. Unbeknownst to be, the access point had gone bad for one reason or another.

By plugging the bridge directly into the router it resolved my issue. Most routers these days do support UPnP, but you can check with your router manufacturer to make sure that your settings are correct and that you are good to go if you really feel the need. One of the most frustrating things to deal with can be the communication between the Hue Bulbs and the Hue Bridge. Believe me, I know…. There are plenty of ways to fix this issue.

But first, we need an understanding of what the lights and buttons on the Philips Hue are for. Now you can go ahead and plug in and power on the Hue bridge. Then connect the Hue bridge by tapping the setup button button D. Go ahead and press the connect button on the bridge and that should get you connected. Now to set up a light in the light setup page you tap the plus icon in the bottom right corner and hit search.

hue lights unreachable fix

After a few seconds, you should see the lights and you can then assign that light to a room by tapping the checkmark. You can go do this for all of the Hue lights in your starter kit or go wild because you can add up to 50 hue lights and accessories to your bridge from there.

If the bulbs are not connecting after a successful addition, check whether the bulbs are turned on. Also, make sure the bulbs are near each other for them to receive signals from other bulbs and the Hue Bridge. Hue bulbs have been known to be flaky with certain dimmer switches. However, you could pick up a Philips Hue dimmer switch to fix that problem as well. This was a huge problem that we had in our house. Basically, when you turn on one of the Philips Hue bulbs without using the Philips Hue app or your Amazon Echo, it can cause all kinds of weird connectivity issues.

If you switch on all of your Hue bulbs and reset the brightness level it should fix the problem. Speaking of Amazon Alexa, if the Amazon Echo does not connect to your Philips Hue then there is a really simple solution:.

Use the Forget option in the Alexa app to disconnect your bridge from the Echo and try to link them again. Also, make sure that Alexa can easily understand the group name that you have assigned for your Philips Hue.

The fact of the matter is that most technology these days has its hiccups and occasionally fails.Bulbs must be within 40 to 60 feet of the bridge. This number can be smaller with interference from walls and other wireless devices. The bulbs do act as repeaters meaning they will chain together if you keep the bulbs within about 20 feet of each other, giving you more distance.

The Philips Hue bulbs are indoors only, so if you are using them outside you may run into greater connection issues. The bulb must be powered on for it to connect to the bridge. It also helps to power off all other Hue lights when trying to add a new bulb to an existing Bridge.

Make certain your bulb is powered on and within range of the bridge while searching, It can take up to 1 minute to finish searching for your bulb and will continue searching after it has found it.

Your bulb should flash to show its been found and it will show up on your lights list. All of your Philips Hue bulbs has a serial number printed on the side of the base, they are not printed on the box.

How To Use Ikea Tradfri Bulbs With Philips Hue - A Real Game Changer

The last step to try if your hue bulb or light still does not connect is Lamp Finder. Follow the link below to get your lights connected. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

Hue Bulb Connectivity. Hue Bulb Connectivity sev T Philips Hue bulbs have a few requirements to get them connected to your bridge. If this is a new light, try pressing Search and it will scan for your light. Bloom — Silver label on the bottom of the stand Iris — Silver label on bottom Hue Go — is on a sticker near the power jack Hue Lightstrip — On the Zigbee rectangular box along the cord, not the power brick. Lamp Finder Download and Guide. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.Once you have done this the Philips Hue bridge will be able to discover and connect to them.

By default, all Philips Hue starter kits contain a Philips Hue bridge. This is the device that will control all your lights. Connecting the bridge to your network is as easy as taking an ethernet cable and then connect it to your bridge and your router. Once you have connected your Philips Hue bridge to your router you will see some lights start blinking and turn on:.

At the beginning, it will start blinking but it must be fixed. That means it has been successfully connected to the network. As the one above it must be fixed meaning it has the internet connection. You have to press it to allow apps to control your lights. This is a security system to avoid rest of people controlling your lights without permission. If you use Yeti - Smart Home Automation app, it will let you know when you need to press that button.

Open the Philips Hue app. We will use it to connect your lights to your bridge. After this, you can use Yeti - Smart Home Automation to control your lights. If you have bought a Philips Hue starter kit all lights will be synchronized and connected with the bridge automatically.

hue lights unreachable fix

So that, you don't need even to download the Philips Hue app, you can directly get Yeti and start controlling your lights with it.

Now all your lights are connected to your Philips Hue bridge and you can use a third party app to control all of them. Here we show you some of best! Yeti will let you control your Philip Hue and other brands of smart home such as Nest, Wemo, Sonoff, Sonos, Tp-Link and many more from a single intuitive interface!

With Yeti you will be able to change the color and the warmth of the bulb, create a loop of colors and also lets you create charms, routines and organize your devices by rooms. This app allows you to have complete control over your Philips Hue. You will be able to sync music with your lights, customize them and is free.You can control Philips Hue lights multiple ways — that's one of the reasons they're so smart!

How you control your lights depends on whether you have a Hue Bridge. Certain Philips Hue lamps and light fixtures come with a Dimmer switch, which can be used out of the box to turn on and off the lights, dim and brighten, and cycle through four preset light scenes if purchased with a White ambiance bulb. If your lamp did not come with a Dimmer switch, you can only turn on and off the light.

If you pair your lights with a Hue Bridge, you can then operate all your lights within the Hue app. You can also use a smart home assistant to control your lights with your voice. You can see the status of your product and system updates in the Hue app:. Make sure your Hue Bridge is plugged in and powered on. You should see four blue LED indicator lights on top of the Bridge. Navigate to Settings to make sure you are logged in to your Hue account in the Philips Hue app.

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If you are not, log in with your username and password. If you cannot log in, check the settings in your Hue account at www. The Philips Hue ecosystem uses industry-standard encryption and authentication techniques to protect against unauthorized users gaining access to your Philips Hue products. Hue only connects to the internet securely via a dedicated cloud so your devices cannot be seen from the open internet. Hue products update regularly with the latest security fixes and patches — a feature you can activate by linking your Hue Bridge with a Hue account on www.

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For more assistance on protecting your home network, contact your internet service provider. Tap the Add a light button in the top left corner and follow the on-screen instructions. All Philips Hue light fixtures are fully compatible with the Hue ecosystem.

Some can be used as standalone light fixtures, while others require a Hue Bridge in order to operate. However, all Hue products can connect to a Bridge for advanced control via the Hue app. You can use Hue Beyond without a Bridge, but you cannot do anything more than turning the light on or off with the main switch. The color temperature is a fixed soft white.

Add your Beyond to a Hue Bridge to unlock full control with the Hue app. You can turn on the Hue Bloom by plugging it in, but you cannot change the color of the light or use any other advanced features without connecting it to a Hue Bridge. You can identify all richer color bulbs by their white base, with the exception of the BR30 bulb. The older BR30 bulb features a gray rim, while the richer color version does not.

Philips Hue Lightstrips for indoor use feature an adhesive backing that makes it easy to attach to walls, floors, cabinets, and any other indoor furniture or item quickly and semi-permanently. Outdoor light strips come with clips to fasten them to the ground or outdoor structures. To use a Philips Hue Lightstrip, you must first plug it in to a power source.

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When the Lightstrip shines bright white, you can connect it to the Hue Bridge the same way you would add a light to your Hue system. If the Hue app cannot find the light strip even when entering the serial number in place of the automatic search, the Lightstrip may be out of reach of the Hue Bridge.

To fix this, you can move the light strip closer to the Hue Bridge or move other Philips Hue smart lights between the Bridge and the strip lighting; Hue smart lights conveniently extend the wireless signal of the Hue Bridge. Certain light fixtures come with a Hue Dimmer switch to make it easier for customers without a Hue Bridge to control their lights.The numbered hue bridge consists of:.

Note: these lights turn on automatically if the hue bridge is working. So, there is no option of turning them off. However, this equipment sometimes has hue connection issues.

So, how can you fix some of the most common hue connection problems while using Philips smart lights? The solid blue color indicates that the Hue Bridge is connected to the network.

If the bridge is flashing red, then you need to reset the bridge.

hue lights unreachable fix

You can only search for the bridge within 30 minutes after plugging it in. In case there is no bridge connection, make sure that the device with the hue app and the hue bridge are all connected to the same network. For users with multiple networks, you can try each network by searching for the bridge and then trying to reconnect again. Trying to add lights to the hue bridge and not finding it can be annoying. However, this is a problem that you can easily fix. For starters, you need to ensure that the lights you are using are hue bulbs.

To connect the hue bridge and the bulb, you need to manually or automatically search for them the bulbs. Change the position of the bulbs by moving them closer to the hub.

Note: the auto-search option is not always accurate. So, always use the Manual Search option to find the bulbs. The bulbs should be in the appropriate light fixtures and power switched on.

Even after successfully connecting the bulbs, some lights may fail to work. So, if you try to switch off the lights without the app and some lights are not reachable, then the main issue could be related to settings. To fix this problem, turn all the lights simultaneously.

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Wait for a few seconds before switching all of them off. Apart from settings, another source of unreachable error could be the light switch. Hue bulbs can only operate if they turned on from the main switch.

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Wireless commands used to change inbuilt commands like changing color and dimming the lights. To fix this error, you need to turn on the light switch.

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Interference is a possible source of unreachable error. However, make sure that all the lights are on and then click on the channel change button.

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Lastly, a shorter network mesh can make some bulbs unreachable. Understand that if you have more Hue Lights, then you need a wider mesh of network. But you can fix the network range issue by centrally placing the Hue Bridge. In addition to that, moving an active light bulb closer to an inactive bulb can also help to fix this error.

A failed network connection can be a result of poor or bad internet. Additionally, it could be as a result of a faulty Ethernet cable.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. There are a few things to consider here. Got that settled? In our experience, Auto Search can be flaky from time to time, while Manual Search almost always works. You can add as many serial numbers as you want to the list.

If you get a message saying that some bulbs are unreachable after the lights have been successfully added, there could be a couple of things to look out for.

The first thing to check for is whether or not the problematic bulbs are powered on. If your lights are controlled by a hard-wired light switch e.

How to fix Philips Hue lights that won’t work with Alexa

This is usually a problem if you reset your Hue Bridge to factory settings and are setting it up again. Go through the Siri setup process again in the Philips Hue app and it should work this time around. This is what happened to me before I finally figured out what was going on.

First of all, Hue bulbs can be a bit finicky with hard-wired dimmer switches. It really depends on the dimmer switch, though. Some may work great, some may produce a little buzzing, and some will make the Hue lights flicker to the point of being unusable. This is where it might be a good idea to contact Philips directly through their customer support.

First, make sure all your lights are well within range of the Hub or one another.

Troubleshooting Hue Lightbulb Not Responding

Remember, Philips Hue uses the ZigBee protocolso not every light has to be in range of the Hub—it just has to be within range of another bulb that can connect to the Hub. If one batch of lights is rather far from another, try sticking a light bulb or Dimmer Switch in between them to see if it solves your problem. In our case, this problem was caused by our network setup. Plugging the Hub directly into our router fixed the issue. So if you have a large network with multiple switches, you may have to reconfigure things so that your Hub is plugged into your main router.

If all else fails, try a factory reset and set your lights back up from scratch. It will tell you to try again in a few minutes, but even when you do that, it gives you the same message, resulting in a vicious circle.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Philips Hue lights are incredibly reliable in our experience.

Unlike other Wi-Fi-based lights, you can definitely replace your ordinary dumb bulbs with Philips ones, using the wireless switch, app, or voice control to turn them on and off. However, as Philips Hue bulbs use the Zigbee wireless protocol, you can get some issues with it, including the Hue lights unreachable error, with the bulbs not displaying properly in the app. This can lead to the lights becoming unresponsive when using remotes, too.

There are a few things to check to get them working again. Related: What is Zigbee? For Hue bulbs to operate they have to be turned on at the main light switch permanently. It can take a while for this to show in the app, but the bulb will eventually show as unreachable. To fix this problem, just flick the light switch back on: the bulb will come on at max brightness in warm white mode.

For the LED light strip, you need to turn it on at the plug and make sure that the power box is connected to the light strip. Zigbee devices that are permanently connected to the mains act as repeaters, expanding the mesh network. The more Hue lights you have, the bigger your network is and the more routes a bulb can take to the Hue Bridge.

How to fix the Philips Hue lights unreachable error

There are several options to help you. First, you can try moving the Hue Bridge. Placing it centrally in your home will give you the best coverage. Next, you can install additional Hue bulbs. To operate a house, and garden office from a single Hue Bridge, we have bulbs installed in light fittings outside the house and externally on the office wall: this gives us enough network to cover everything.

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